Does money really make the world go round?

”If only I had the money, I would be able to solve this”.”If I were somebody, I would be able to get out of this sh*t”. ‘‘The wonders of what money and fame could bring me”. People complaining of not being rich and famous, not being happy with their current status. Complaining that God isn’t fair, unhappy about everything they have in life. People, always want what they do not have, thinking that with money, anything and everything is possible. As the saying goes, ‘’money makes the world go round’’. With money you could max out all your credit cards (wait, your credit card would probably not even have a limited), do anything and whatever you want without being afraid of getting into trouble. What thing could go wrong then?

The first person that came to mind was Britney Spears. britney-spears-teddy-bear1I remember the time when her first album came out. Such sweetness and innocence she had. Princess of Pop they called her, a role model she was. Idolize by people all over the world. But look at her now, what a mess she is in.britney-spears-shaves-her-head-03 Yes, she is in the midst of making a comeback, but still, the damage has already been done.

Extract from the song Lifestyle of the rich and famous by Good Charlotte.

Y’a only see it on TV
Or read it in the magazines
Celebrities that want sympathy
All they do is piss and moan
Inside the rolling stone
Talkin’ about how hard life can be

Why is it that people filled with money are still complaining about how hard life is? Aren’t they suppose to be the happiest people around? They have the ‘key’ to what makes the world goes round. Does being rich necessarily mean everything? If so than why do rich and famous people still “piss and moan” when they have everything in the world?

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32 responses to “Does money really make the world go round?

  1. Money couldn’t buy friendships, or relationships. So what’s the point of having money when you cannot enjoy with your friends. No one listening to you when you’re down or when you need someone.

  2. Indeed, i think that “money makes the world go round” only apply to people who view happiness as such. Because of communications, britney made her mark, but because of communications, she experienced downfall. Only people who knows how to control the pros which come about from communications can survive. I hope she lives.

    • I hope she lives too. Oh well, this shows that communication is a double edge sword that if not handed well, the outcome can be…

  3. WOW. I miss Britney Spears. She used to be so awesome. I guesss when you have a lot of money, the ways to spend it is much more.


  5. There are stories which let us know that money does not necessarily brings people happiness, cos they will be too worried about their money getting stolen and stuff like that(of course that was in the past, now we have banks to safeguard our money). But it is indeed through that money isn’t everything. If one have a positive mindset and enjoys life for what it is, then to that him/her, money might not be everything. But to someone who faces alot of loans and bills, to him/her, money might and will make the world round! So its actually how you define happiness.

    • defining happiness.. Defining something like happiness is base on one’s perspective. So i guess it’s rather hard to pin point on what exactly it is. So, Chris, what’s your pov of money and happiness? 😀

  6. money is important. however, happpiness is eventually something that can giv you more about than money. something more ‘ real ‘ . hmm.

  7. i believe money does make the world go round at this point in time which we are living .In the past our parents were able to survive without money for their materialistic needs whereas now almost everyone one of us will need and use money whenever we go out.
    money may be able to our statisfy our materialstic needs but when it comes to our emotional needs it may not be able to satisfy it althought its true that people do use money to make friends or even love but to pay for it means that is doesnt truly exist and that emotion will not last as long as how one would feel when they are really truly with someone they love

  8. The grass is always greener on the other side, so to say. Wealth is relative to what your society deems as wealthy; an Indian “slumdog” with SGD 100 would probably be the richest person in his area, but that kind of money isn’t much good for long here. This brings about the philosophical view on wealth: being content with what you have. If you have a regular blue collar life, but you’re happy and content with what you have, then in a sense you could be considered to be far wealthier than the millionaire seeking to be a billionaire.

  9. To reject money would be to be the fool in society today! This can only be true beacause everything you need to survive physically screams money. However, things that money can’t buy may be the things you would reject money for! The world will always go round, if you should live for money, you will be chained by it;if you live with money, it is but embracing it to live life, not live ‘money’.

  10. the grass is always greener on the other side isnt it? humans desire what we never have and what we could not get. this is not good, yet this is normal!

    the thing about money is that it does not give u EVERYTHING. true, it does give u alot of things, but not everything like what your friend mentioned above, friends, family and happiness.

    but then again, we can’t live without money can we?

    I believe that with safistaction comes happiness. if people know how to be satisfied and be thankful with what they have, they will be happy, even without a lot of money.

    but how many people can do that? 🙂


    • YES Shuheng! I think that’s the main problem with people. We are hardly satisfied with what we have. and thank you, :$ *shy face

  11. I think being rich not necessarily mean everything but at least something. Who would not want the extra cash in hand? Much more things to do/use in this materialistic world 😛

    • I agree, money doesn’t mean everything but still money is a factor is almost everything. And Yang, I’m surprise this came from you, Mr giao.

  12. Money isnt everything but without money u are nothing.

    I feel that it isnt really money that makes britney go bonkers but more of the people around her?
    Initially i guess its also a plan to market her as innocent and all when she probably isnt.

    Make Money Money

  13. yep i believe that money makes the world go round thats why people is being divided with the status rich and poor, Tell me who is ever gonna say i m not happy being rich. Contradicting isnt it? and for example if u r bill gates ever ranked the world’s richest man on earth will u still be unhappy? and ya i believe being rich is always a factor of being happy, in society the rich is always way above those that are poor so talking about those celebrities being sad or having a hard time with their life, i say thats bullshit they are just trying gain fame in all sort of methods. Well i believe everyone has different views on looking upon money thus we should all say that money is the root to happiness,greed,corruption and etc .

  14. Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the “gotta have it” scale.
    Zig Ziglar

    I think it all boils down to how you define happiness. Do these “rich and famous” people trully do have EVERYTHING? – Perhaps, but everything includes the bad stuff like the constant attention too – which isn’t always a good thing.

  15. Who dosen’t want to be rich and live a luxurious life? Being able to satisfy all the material needs. But money isn’t everything, money can’t buy happiness, money can satisfy your happiness yes, but it isn’t for long.

    As time goes, people just want more. Greed. And money is one of the main problems. Money often lead people to wrong paths.

    But we do have to accept the fact that in the world we are in now, money plays an important part. There’s a saying “No Money No Talk”.

  16. ”Why is it that people filled with money are still complaining about how hard life is? Aren’t they suppose to be the happiest people around?”
    Because people are never satisfied with the wealth they have. It’s never enough. When you have a millon, your greed eventually increase, you’ll then start aiming for more and more. And also, it could be the competition between other people. For example, Rich guy A has 5 billion bucks, Rich guy has 10 billion bucks, Rich guy A might feel inferior and want to start earning more in order to feel better. That’s when the complains starts. And yea, money leads you to a hypocrism world. You’ll never know who’s gonna start eating your money quietly.


  18. To me, money is as important as everything else. In our current society, one cannot achieve anything without it. meaning, without money, where is one gonna get the food? where is one gonna the shelter needed and where is one to find clothes? I think that money and happiness co-exist with each other. We need a basic amount of money in order to be happy.

    • True, you need money as the basic of surviving. but still, i believe that money and happiness is 2 different issues.

  19. money.. the main issue of almost everyone’s trouble. I agree with your friend that
    ” the grass is always greener on the other side isnt it? humans desire what we never have and what we could not get. this is not good, yet this is normal!”
    We desire what we do not have, but many of the times, when we grab hold of what we do not have, we no longer feel the need of having it.
    And i agree that money and happiness is 2 issues. you can be poor and yet happy. vice versa.

  20. happiness is something that one can never buy even with all the riches in the world. but then again, money is something that can be earned.

  21. agree with all the comments

  22. How come you do not have your website viewable in mobile format? cant view anything in my phone.

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