Actions and Words

(This video may be in chinese but I believe the message put across is straight forward. At about 3:00 +/- you see the lady walking over to the dog, she gave the dog food and water. The dog then, took half and gave it to his mate, probably hoping that she would wake up)

Looking at the video, even without knowing the chinese characters, one would be able to tell from the body language of the dog how deep the love he has for his mate. How desperately he wants her to get back on her feet. Also, from how no one else bothered to show a little care and concern, for the both the dog shows how cruel the world can be at times. Who knows, if someone did something earlier, she wouldn’t have died.

jdun615lBack to my main topic, body language plays a big part in the society, be it now or then. As seen in the cartoon above, the man probably wants to hook up with the lady therefore emitting friendly vibes with his actions to the lady, such as smiling. One can also tell how the lady is reacting towards his ‘friendliness’, her body language shows that she is distancing herself from the man by crossing her leg and showing her ‘get lost’ facial expression.

facial-expressionsThe few different expression people normally give.

As taught, there are certain expressions that are hard to express with verbal communication. Take for example, when youre piss off at something, you dont go around telling people ‘ Hey, I’m angry!’ Instead, you show a black face and give out a killer aura. Or when you’re in love, you emit out a super cheery aura, and more often than not youre smiling from ear to ear!However, sometimes your expressions give you away. Such as showing a bored face at a friend’s party. And when ask whether or not the party was dull, you smile but then as said, it gives you away. Your eyes would be one of the give aways. The tone you use to reply and the body language you show, unintentionally, would also be a give away. Yet there are times when body language are being misinterpreted. Using non verbal communication is like a two edged sword that may back fire.

Saying ‘I love you’ , who can’t say that? Again, its the action that makes people believe that when you say ‘i love you’ you mean it.

Isn’t true that people say actions speaks louder than words?



19 responses to “Actions and Words

  1. yes there are definately times where people do not notice that people are watching them and that their movements are being observed and they may show body gestures or facial movements and even tone of voice to show how they feel unknowingly. even when they may not mean what they projected people sometimes misunderstands what it showed .

    (i know you love observing me) 😀

  2. I agree wif this post totally. i believe body language is much more important than words. you can lie but most of the time your body speaks the truth.

  3. Yes, body gestures is a good way as a sign to see whether they are in a good mood or a bad moo d. And from this body language we can perceive it and hence it will improve our social skills.

  4. Ah the importance of body language. Despite being misinterpreted at times, it sure helps put across certain messages that are not meant to be said verbally. But anyway, the dog!

    • totally agree. Like in a pub, you wouldnt go up to a guy and say ‘hey, wanna hook up?’ that would make you look desperate. But giving out body signals would instead show an invitation and get your message across. 😀

  5. the dog is sad. okay back to topic. i agree wif WILSOn. most of the time, be it eyes, fingers, there will be some loophole that show your true feelings. words cannot be believe 100 percent

    • yesyes, true. Words are at times unreliable. Like how people can lie a thousand and one times. And usually they give off signals that they are lying. just that either the person they are lying to choose to close one eye or is just plain dumb. lol.

  6. Definitely action speaks louder then words.

    It’s just like comparing arguing online with texts’ and screaming your lungs out arguing.

  7. totally agree. talk is cheap while action takes more effort to prove something.

  8. Action do show much much much much x 1000 more than what words do. Words are things that can be said ever so casually whereas actions isnt something that can be done so easily. you need time and everything in order to prove your action.
    Just like the dog, without words, he can actually prove to us that he love his mate even till death.

    • without words the dog was able to prove himself, he was able to use non verbal language to drive his message of love across.

  9. Action does show so much more than what words can. You can be telling the person i love you, its only a simple 3 words. But the meaning is so much more than just 3 words. A person can be saying i love you. but his/her actions might show another meaning.
    The same goes for your family/parents. They might not hang “i love you/i care for you/i am there for you” by their mouth every single day, every single minute. But you will always noe that when you’re in trouble, in need, they will be the ones that will always be there for you. Just as how their actions will tell you so.

  10. I think that body language plays the biggest role in communication. Every living thing, not including trees, etc, show forms of non verbal cues.

  11. “The same goes for your family/parents. They might not hang “i love you/i care for you/i am there for you” by their mouth every single day, every single minute. But you will always noe that when you’re in trouble, in need, they will be the ones that will always be there for you. Just as how their actions will tell you so.”

    Totally agreeeee. Action speaks louder than words. without actions, words are just words. anyone can say words or even spell that out but not everyone can show what they truely mean.

  12. You can say a thousand and million things like you said ‘i swear i will and would and i do’.

    But it all means nothing when you don’t do anything to prove it. Empty words.

  13. girls all have a point in this, cause most guys (i admit) like us, at times gives empty words because we don’t know justh how to please these girls. But they do have a point.

  14. HAHAH i like gorden’s comment. Well said

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