The Media

How the media influences our lives.

The media plays a big role in all of us, in case you didn’t know. It influences and shapes our thinking and mindset. It is through the media that we see the rest of the world and it is also base on how the rest of the world is being shown on the media that we see what we see.

How Media Controls Our Lives

We live in a fascinating world and an even more fascinating society. We are part of a culture where every morning we wake up to the energized voices of the morning news crew, whose job it is to make the rest of us as upbeat and awake as possible, fill us in on the beautiful sunny weatheroutside, and inform the average American on the hopelessly packed freeways. When at the end of the day, exhausted and hungry you crawl home, your television, the radio and your bellowed computer are waiting patiently to be of service. In this day and age life without technology feels utterly impossible, and life without the media is simply unimaginable. Media provides us with entertainment, information, and comfort. As the standard of living in this country is rising, people find themselves investing in digital cables and high speed internet connections, thus increasing their exposure to such media as the World Wide Web and the hundreds new channels that come with digital cable. While we are all intelligent people, with the freedom and ability to make our own choices, how much influence does media have over our decisions? I believe a lot.

While everything you experience shapes you as an individual, it is probably the commercials you see on television, that have the most influence over your choices and decisions. Advertisements target various audiences, depending on the product, but a lot of it is directed towards young adults. Teenagers often feel self conscious about appearance, their size, or their clothes. They also have the disposable income needed to purchase impulse goods like the new soda or the latest CD. Thus it is to the advantage of advertisers that they target these insecurities and need for acceptance, promising love and happiness the instant they purchase a given product. While individuality is still important to young adults, it is just as important to have the latest mp3 player or the new camera phone to keep up with their peers. Commercials also inform the viewer on the latest product or the emergence of a more advanced one.

written by:Tatyana Burtina


17 responses to “The Media

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  2. Was it media who made you buy snow leopard? Lawl. But yes cheryln, our lives is so conncected with media, for subconsciously certain acts of ours are influenced by media.

  3. I agree that media plays a big role in our lives as they gives us the biggest information about anywhere and anytime we want. Without it, we would not know what is happening and there would not be any updates for us to know.

  4. I do agree that media does control us! Look at how PCK has influence us into the “don pray pray” singish. However, there is also the good side of media, that will sub consciously bring up the kind side of human. If there’s no media exposing us to world that are suffering, right now, we might not even have any idea how lucky we are!

  5. The media is as important as everything else. Without it, the world cannot function properly and with media, many would be dumb blondes(taken from your previous post) we wouldn’t know much about the world and The current events that are happening across the world.

  6. I agree that the media plays an important role in our lives and that we should learn to make full use of it. However, the media are at times decepting . They might hide the truth to protect the gov. body. Afterall, the media in Singapore is own by the gov.

  7. “It is through the media that we see the rest of the world and it is also base on how the rest of the world is being shown on the media that we see what we see.”

    what you have said about us being expose to the media is true. it is through the media that we do see what we see and through the media, we are expose to what we are expose.

  8. i agree. media influence everyone nowadays. however, not all things that media showed us is the truth, its is up to us to determine wad is the truth and whatnot. we should not follow the media blindly

  9. yea, its just like media has actually control our life. media is a must for every household now. it is the most powerful thing now. but whether it is for the better of mankind remains to be seen

  10. The media, who can blame them for showing us what they do? well, everyone. everyone has a part in making the media, the media. No? Look at all the actors and actresses, arent they making big bucks? and why are they doing so? because we support them, ‘fund’ them, etc. The media knows what the people wants. And therefore we cant say that the media is a ‘bad’ influence or such. We choose to do what we did.

  11. ya. i agree. we people are the one who make media. however, we also cant actually ‘cancel’ them.
    so basically. it can be said that it is a ‘must’ fault of we human.
    to the good side of media. without media we wont be entertained, communicate or be informed.

  12. it basically affects us in our everyday life!
    from speaking nglish to singlish!
    that’s kinda champion!!!haha

  13. it basically affects us in our everyday life!
    from speaking english to singlish!
    that’s kinda champion!!!haha

  14. yesyes, like Zhiwen has mention, speaking english to singlish. Is something we were influence to do and was further encourage by PCK!

  15. The media is probably our biggest socializing agent today, bigger than our parents or school or friends, who are in turn influenced by the media anyway. The media definitely palys a big part in our lives, but it’s up to the other agents of socialization like our parents and such to cultivate in us a sense of maturity that enables us to not be totally influenbced by the media. In this state, we can take in what is usefull and discard anything that we know to be untruthful and harmful. Unfortunately for mosy of the modern youth, they are oretty much left to suck in everything they see without supervision.

  16. the youngsters and teenagers has a lot of exposure to the media, therefore being influenced by what they see isn’t something surprising.

  17. yes the media plays an important part in this society, we live on dependingg on the paparazis and bazar news

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