Too much tv

How many of you actually spend more than 4 hours staring at the Tv programs, series, drama, etc?

Well if you do, guess what. According to the cultivation theory by George Gerbner (1976) a pioneer researcher on the effects of television on society, you’re expose to way too much violence and therefore are effected by the Mean World Syndrome, an idea that the world is worse then it actually is. In this case, one would be rather wary of their surrounding, thinking that something might happen at any given time. Thinking that the world is an intimidating and unforgiving place.

I would have to say I know people like that, people who think that the world is much more ‘evil’ than it really is. My boyfriend would be a living example. He never ever allows me to return by myself after dark. To him, he feels/thinks that the worst might just happen. Even though I assure him a thousand and one time that nothing’s going to happen, he would stand firm on his point of view and insist that either I go home earlier or someone sends me back. But I guess his would be the mild case, as compared to others and to the video.

However, individuals who watch television infrequently and adolescents who talk to their parents about reality are said to have a more accurate view of the real world than those who do not, and they are able to more accurately assess their vulnerability to violence. They also tend to have a wider variety of beliefs and attitudes.


14 responses to “Too much tv

  1. I never knew of such a syndrome. i think that there are a lot of people with the syndrome. just like my mother, I mean, I’m a male but she still worries for me like crazy when I return home late. And I always thought that she was over reacting! But then again, its better to be safe than sorry!

    PS: I think my mother is worst of than your bf, so dont worry! 🙂

  2. I think to start off, I would have to say that the media plays a big role in this. The media expose us to what we see and therefore we differ what the world is from there. Not all of us have the money to go around the world to see what it really is. Take for example, me. I have something against PRC but no offense, I mean, Ive been seeing videos and clips of how they treat animals and are being shown by Peta, (I know you watch it too) but you cant blame me for having something against them, I was only expose to the negative side of them

  3. it could lead to something worse if left unchecked for the tv case. young kids tend to believe those special effects of the show like wrestling or superheroes stuff. they might imitate and it could be dangerous.

  4. somehow its an undeniable fact! and i agree to that totally!haha you’re exactly in the same situation as my ex-girlfriend!haha! that’s what i did to her too!haha

  5. i like tv

  6. tv is a good and bad thing. it definitely influence young adults nowadays. most of the programs are however towards the good of our society. so i will say that it lean towards good intentions to an extend

  7. Tv is a great way to influence the people.
    Although it is not what their true intention is, people still get influence unknowingly.

  8. Tv is a great way to influence the people.
    Although it is not what their true intention is, people still get influence unknowingly. i agree totally !

  9. Well, I watch tv at least 8 hours a day and I don’t think I have that syndrome. lol.
    Is it applicable for everyone? or just for a certain targeted audience?

  10. i think that people who watches tv for more than 4 hours a day in our era would probably not feeel that way. Reason being, we are more expose to stuff and also, people watch more drama shows which includes more love scene than compared to bad world scene

  11. OMG they killed Kenny! LOL

    I think I mentioned this in Chervin’s blog earlier: It’s all to do with how we perceive what we take in. In any case, it’s better for us to have a bleak outlook on life due to TV and slowly reassess our judgement accordingly than to think the world is a nicer place than it actually is and we end up letting our guard down. Our social learning through TV has a purpose, and that is to protect us from potential danger.

  12. never knew of such a syndrome, but people always tend to over-react or in another way want to be prepared for the worst or avoid the worst kind of scenario. Tv shows oftenly shows one of the worst kind of things that would happen, therefore influencing people that this might happen, therefore people nowadays are all preventing the worst that happens on TV.

  13. I definitely agree with you that people are too paranoid with the real world after watching too much Dramas that they seem to be traumatised by what the drama shows and thinking it WILL happen in the real world.

  14. well said!!!!!!!

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