Being plus size


Who says being big can’t be beautiful? Plus size models or some called it full figured models are making it big in the modeling industry. Take a look at Emme Aronson, being acknowledged as the first plus-size model to achieve widespread recognition in the United States. She hosts Fashion Emergency on E! and has appeared on most major US TV networks. She was named one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” twice (1994 and 1999) and Glamour magazine’s “Woman of the Year” (1997). She has a collectible doll named for her, and bearing her likeness.

Thinking back, she vividly remembers her first assignment, in 1990, with a big-name fashion photographer. “I was getting made up,” she recalls, “I was all excited”—until she overheard the photographer complaining. “He said that he didn’t want to shoot a quote-unquote ‘fatty,’ “says the 5’11”, 190-lb. Aronson. “The ad agency had to talk him through it. He was nasty.”

The first time I came to know about plus size models were when I was watching America’s Next Top Model (I forgot which cycle). They had a guest appearance Kate Dillon, who came to talk about health issues. A once size 6 model, her life started changing when she overcame her health issue (anorexia), making a comeback in the modeling industry with a size 14.

I think the main point here is that being beautiful doesn’t exactly means being all skinny and bones. I’ve seen people, way skinner than me go on strict diet, not eating this, not eating that. And when they do eat, they start puking after. What’s the point man? And the most vexing part is when they tell me

”Eh, I’m fat. I need to go on a diet.”

I look at them and question “what about me then?”

And their reply was “you’re just nice, really”


Magazines, being communication mediums are partly at ‘fault’ for setting the mindset of people. They always show ‘must have figures’ to encourage sales of their product yet indirectly, they are affecting the way people view themselves. Although there are plus size models out there, how often do we see them? I don’t think there has been any in Singapore, are there? This shows that Singaporeans aren’t being expose much. Then again, on how one view their body is base on how much self confident one has. If you think you’re hot, no one can change that fact except yourself.

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Does money really make the world go round?

”If only I had the money, I would be able to solve this”.”If I were somebody, I would be able to get out of this sh*t”. ‘‘The wonders of what money and fame could bring me”. People complaining of not being rich and famous, not being happy with their current status. Complaining that God isn’t fair, unhappy about everything they have in life. People, always want what they do not have, thinking that with money, anything and everything is possible. As the saying goes, ‘’money makes the world go round’’. With money you could max out all your credit cards (wait, your credit card would probably not even have a limited), do anything and whatever you want without being afraid of getting into trouble. What thing could go wrong then?

The first person that came to mind was Britney Spears. britney-spears-teddy-bear1I remember the time when her first album came out. Such sweetness and innocence she had. Princess of Pop they called her, a role model she was. Idolize by people all over the world. But look at her now, what a mess she is in.britney-spears-shaves-her-head-03 Yes, she is in the midst of making a comeback, but still, the damage has already been done.

Extract from the song Lifestyle of the rich and famous by Good Charlotte.

Y’a only see it on TV
Or read it in the magazines
Celebrities that want sympathy
All they do is piss and moan
Inside the rolling stone
Talkin’ about how hard life can be

Why is it that people filled with money are still complaining about how hard life is? Aren’t they suppose to be the happiest people around? They have the ‘key’ to what makes the world goes round. Does being rich necessarily mean everything? If so than why do rich and famous people still “piss and moan” when they have everything in the world?

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